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The following services are offered by Industrial Nuclear Company-

On-site servicing: Our trained service technician will visit your facility or work-site to perform equipment inspection and maintenance. There is a minimum daily charge, plus expenses and replacement parts.

In-house servicing: The equipment will be inspected by INC service technician and overhauled, if required. Servicing is charged by the hour with any replacement parts as extra.

Source exchange: Sources are fabricated at our California facility. These source are normally shipped in the IR-50 source changer to the customer location. The decayed source is to returned to INC for disposal.

Camera maintenance: The IR100 Gamma camera should be regularly inspected and maintained.

  • Do a complete inspection to check for any were in the lock box assembly.
  • Replace labels and beed blast the case if needed.
  • Provide a maintenance certificate.

Maintenance training: This is a 4 hour hands-on course that covers the essentials of device maintenance.

Emergency services: INC will provide qualified technician in the event of a radiological emergency.

Instrument Calibration and Repair

Leak Testing