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Calibration and Repair   arrow

INC services and calibrates most radiography survey meters now in field use. Instruments are thoroughly checked for proper operation and calibrations are performed utilizing a NBS referenced Cesium-137 calibration source. A copy of the survey meter service record will be completed showing the calibration output and adjusted survey meter reading for each of the six points checked. This service record will accompany the survey meter to owner or his designated shipping location. In addition, a calibration sticker will be placed on the meter which specifies the date, instrument s/n, person performing the calibration and the due date of the next calibration.

INC also offers the NDT community a wide range of support services, including the repair and calibration of all brands of:

  • Survey Meters
  • Dosimeters
  • Magnetic Particle Yokes
  • Thickness Gauges
  • Rate Alarms
  • U.T. Machines
  • Black Lights
  • U.T. Transducer cables
  • Gamma Alarms
  • Film Viewers