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Rad. Survey Meter- Model SM-1000   arrow

Radiographic Survey Meter Model SM-1000


  • Three Range Radiographic Survey Meter
  • Audio ON/OFF Option
  • Rugged Two Piece Nylon Reinforced Fiberglass Case with Cast Aluminum Handle
  • Large Rugged Meter Movement
  • Gamma and X-Ray From 80-2000 KeV Within 20%
  • Three Ranges 0-1000, 0-100, 0-10 mR/hr and 0-10,000,0-1000 and 0-100 ┬ÁSv/hr
  • Halogen Quenched, energy compensated GM Tube
  • Saturation in excess of 1000R/hr when calibrated and maintained properly
  • Individual Calibration Potentiometers for each range
  • Operates with 6 AA batteries for longer hours of operation